Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a camera designed for use inside the mouth. It is a lightweight hand piece that can be directed to any nook or cranny. The camera is connected to a computer screen for viewing live images and can be connected to the hard drive of a PC for saving any images captured. The images can also be stored on a USB device. Intraoral cameras use LED lights for illuminating the inside of the mouth.

With the help of Sopro Care intraoral camera, dentists can record more detailed information and make an accurate diagnosis by differentiating between caries and staining as seen above. The patient can also view the images recorded on the video to get an understanding of the best possible treatment plan for his dental problem.


Product Benefits

Daylight Mode
Daylight Mode
Use for patient's portrait, single tooth, quadrant, arch, or smile images.
Caries Mode
Caries are detected as red, while the surrounding tissues is displayed in Black and White.
Perio Mode
Use to highlight gingival inflammation, plaque, and calacus. Gingival inflammation ranges from hues of pink to magenta, plaque is grainy white, and calacus range from yellow to dark orange(the older the calacus the darker it will be fluoresce)

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