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These porcelain shells are tough and look great. Preserving teeth so your smile and outlook stays bright is one advantage. We suggest them to our patients. There are several advantages to using Ottawa veneers. They are stain resistant. They look like your natural teeth. Veneers are accepted by your gums.

Here’s a few more reasons why you should consider this option.

They Cover Compromised Enamel

The enamel on your teeth is tough but not indestructible. The foods you eat and even brushing too hard can wear it away with time. Even people with common aliments like acid reflux disease can find their tooth’s enamel is being damaged.

That’s where Ottawa veneers come into play. They act like a protective screen over a tooth with damaged enamel. Veneers are an excellent treatment that helps to preserve any of your original teeth suffering through enamel erosion.

Your Speech Won’t Change

Some people report difficulties speaking with dentures and even bridges. That’s not the case at all with implants. These appliances are the closest thing you can get to your natural teeth, Remember, we will walk you through everything you’ll need to know about your Ottawa dental implant surgery.

That’s to say nothing of the fact they look great at the same time.

Ottawa Veneers are Durable

Properly placed, veneers can last up to 15 years. What makes them even more appealing is they are easy to care for. If you’ve already got a good oral hygiene routine in place, you don’t need to change anything.

Why not check out our VIP Services? These work for anxious patients.

The Process

Generally, getting dental veneers requires several visits to our office. The first would be for a consultation. That’s where we’ll discuss what you expect from the process. We’ll also take a good look to make sure that you’re a suitable candidate. X-rays and perhaps even an impression might be in order here.

Some enamel is removed. An impression of your tooth is made and sent to a laboratory.

Finally, the veneer is cemented in. We might even ask you to come back for a routine checkup. It’s our way of making sure everything is as it should be with your Ottawa veneers.

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Admin17 Jan, 2018

Make sure to replace your toothbrush every three months or when it begins to show wear, whichever comes first.


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